Robert Phair
Articulated Web Design
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About the Principal

Professional Life

The majority of my career has been spent studying and applying the scientific method to the use and misuse of Information Technology in various corporations and universities.  Most of this has been as an IT consultant, and outside of mundane work my own research in the last decade has been with marketing applications of open source software, concentrating in how evolving software and Internet standards can be used most effectively by rapidly growing virtual businesses in a global marketplace.

In my twenty years as a computer consultant, I have specialized in the UNIX operating system and many of its numerous counterparts and auxiliaries.  I continue to preferentially endorse (and implement) open systems in the parts of the business world that I come into contact with.  My current endeavour is to adapt these technologies to a business model that can support rapid and sustainable growth, independent of geographical location of a business's human constituents.

My most significant time commitment is itself a small-to-medium business: Computers of South Dublin, which was created to satisfy an ongoing need for homes and SMEs in the Dublin area to have a support service that can also provide training on a customer's own equipment.

The addition of consulting and design services, particularly for the creation and development of Content Management Systems for online marketing, has provided my clients with a single computer support service to supplement all their business endeavors with cost-effective and labour-efficient technology far in advance of what their competitors may be using.

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University of California, Berkeley 
BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
Class of 1991, with academic Honors

I studied (among other things):

  • Computer Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Operating Systems
  • Electromagnetic Physics
  • Digital and Analog Signal Processing
  • Cognitive Psychology